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Meet Brandon

I’ve been fortunate to be around the great game of golf on a daily basis both playing and working as a club professional for the past 10 years. I have just as much love and passion for the game today as I did when I
was first introduced to it.

I enjoy using that passion to share my experience and knowledge with others, especially junior golfers and newcomers to the game. Basic fundamentals are crucial and necessary for any player, regardless of skill level. But each player is unique in terms of goals. That should be the first consideration in any program of
game improvement.

My teaching philosophy can be summed up in two words: simple and fun. While my teaching methods and experience grow and evolve constantly, my philosophy continues and that’s what makes it so successful. After all, once golf stops being fun, any student of any age will lose interest. My goal is to give each student a good solid foundation from which to grow and excel.

As an instructor, I am dedicated to improving all my students’ overall game by providing a learning environment and approach that is fun and simple so each student can enjoy the game of golf like never before.

Brandon Lesher, PGA
Head Golf Professional

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