Turf Reduction Project

Anaheim Hills Golf Course Turf Reduction Project

California is in the fourth year of a historic drought that has depleted the State's water reservoirs. In order to help combat this challenging issue in 2014 the Metropolitan Water District, in partnership with Anaheim Public Utilities, offered a substantial rebate program for turf reduction. We were fortunate to be selected as one of the golf courses able to participate in this amazing project. The overall goal is reduce our water usage by removing a significant portion of turf on our course. This is a wonderful opportunity to "Do The Right Thing" for the course and the environment. Below are a list of additional facts that will help explain the project further.

A graphic stating, "Let's Do Our Part - Save Water"
  • Project is scheduled to begin in July 2015 and be completed by December 2015.
  • The Team: Golf Course Architect, Casey O'Callaghan, Landscape Architect, Ken Alperstein
  • A total of 29 acres of non-essential play areas will be removed. Most areas will be re-vegetated with drought tolerant Native Plant Life to blend in with the existing hillsides.
  • There should be very little to no interruption with regular play.
  • The turf removal project will save approximately 35 million gallons of water each year.
  • One of the focal points of the project design, in addition to water savings, is to improve aesthetics and future playability of the golf course. Low, medium and high-density plant coverage takes in consideration of errant golf shots. This will allow players to play their ball out of certain areas will little difficulty.
  • Several tee boxes will be impacted by the project and need to be relocated. Casey O'Callaghan takes turf removal areas and maximum playability in consideration for the design of each tee box.
The following tee boxes are being impacted:

#2 Red - The new tee box will be located at the same yardage but to the right of the cart path

#5 Blue/White/Red - All three tee boxes will be moved to a location in front of the existing Blue/White box and staggered one in front of the other

#9 Blue/White - Will remain the same yardage while the tee box will be raised approximately 3-4 feet. Red tee box will now be a Par 4 and moved up significantly.

#13 Red - Will be moved just to the left of the cart path at the same yardage

#14 Red - Will be moved to the left of the cart path

#18 Red - Will be moved forward approximately 20 yards

Please click on the map below to view the affected areas.

A map depicting the conceptual landscape plan for Anaheim Hills Golf Course in Anaheim, California
The variety of native reveg shrubs at Anaheim Hills Golf Course in Anaheim, California
The variety of native reveg shrubs at Anaheim Hills Golf Course in Anaheim, California

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